About Us

Welcome to our gemstone and diamonds jewellery store.

My name is Claudio and I love gemstone jewellery. While I set some of the jewellery myself, the majority of our jewellery is made in our partner factories, overseas. We have partnered with international jewellery industry leaders, diamond and precious gemstones dealers,  to help you make important lifetime purchase decisions, for the woman you love.

We specialise on high quality gemstone jewellery, at affordable prices: aquamarine, morganite, ruby, emerald, sapphire, alexandrite, tanzanite, peridot, garnet, topaz, amethyst, citrine and more.

We sell our jewellery on eBay, as well. Our eBay Store has around 3,000 happy customers. Many of our customers are loyal, as they appreciate quality & price and they feel rewarded by our loyalty program.

We can also offer you high quality certified diamonds at low prices, because our business model is different:  we carry very limited stock and we do not pay expensive rents or staff salaries.  What's very convenient, is that you can select the settings and the diamonds you love, from the privacy of your home, without the need to commit and see a jeweler, before making up your mind. You can browse through our diamonds and setting, see prices, short videos and grading certificates for certified diamonds. You can add the diamonds or gemstones you love to the setting of your choice to see total cost. Once you've made up your mind, you let us know and we will talk to you and/or send payment instructions. If you live in Victoria we can also travel to your place to discuss or take finger measurements if needed. 

For any questions please email us: sales@nsjewellery.com.au