How to buy a GIA certified Diamond

Author: Claudio   Date Posted:1 May 2011 

We only sell GIA certified diamonds. When a diamond is certified by GIA, it is laser inscripted with an individual code, which should be visible on the diamond. The buyer can go online at GIA's website and search for the online report for any certified diamond. Our GIA certified diamonds will come with a paper report as well.

The Gemological Institute of America has been entrusted with grading some of the world’s most famous diamonds and brings the same unmatched expertise to grading yours.  Independent and nonprofit, GIA is considered the final word on a diamond’s authenticity and quality.  GIA developed the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™, the standard used around the globe.

GIA screens every gemstone to identify synthetics, simulants and known treatments.  Expert gemologists examine each diamond under controlled lighting and viewing conditions, in order to provide the most rigorous assessments of a diamond’s 4Cs.  Every GIA grading report contains these assessments along with additional descriptive information and state-of the-art security features.  Buying a diamond is a momentous decision. GIA reports let you make it with confidence.

Claudio is a diamond dealer and can help you secure the diamond you wish from some of the World Largest Manufacturers of Diamonds. We have access at diamond databases comprising in excess of 100,000 diamonds. Some of our customers are looking for the perfect diamonds, some for rare colored diamonds, others are looking for large diamonds at a good price, while most of our customers are looking just to save money. You can save money, too.

Our ordering process is as follows:

1. You write to us what types of diamonds you are interested in, using 'Contact Us' Enquiry form:

2. We search with our diamond manufacturers and email you details of the diamonds we found for you. Details will include picture / video, prices, GIA report with all 4 Cs.

3. If you like any of the diamonds, we can then send you an invoice.

4. After you pay, we will order the diamond for you. Our diamonds are located in different parts of the word: India, USA or Israel. It will take 1 to 2 weeks to receive your diamond after full payment.

5. Once we receive your diamond, we shall Express Post it to you with full insurance.

Our price is low. We use a small 15-20% commission, on the total price we pay for your diamond.